Les Relais de l’Entrecote: Steak it up!

Since this is my first post for this blog, I find it fitting that I write another “first”. Last Thursday, March 8, my colleagues, their spouses and I had a dinner at Les Relias de l’Entrecote. There, we established the “yet to be named eating club” in which the goal is to have dinner (or lunch) once a month in a restaurant where we’ve all never been to and rate it. It is a good way of discovering more good stuff in Geneva actually!

As mentioned, our first stop was Les Relais de l’Entrecote: a classic french steak and fries restaurant. They only have one item in their menu: wallnut salad to start then steak and fries. This is similar to Café de Paris but with an insanely good dessert menu.

Location and Accessibility 

The Restaurant is located at Rue de Rhone 49. Via local transportation, just take the Bus 8 and get off at Place du Port. It is actually right across Geneva’s famous flower clock but the entrance is at the back. Location and accessibility-wise, the Restaurant is perfect for me because my office is smacked in the middle of 2 Bus 8 stops and my apartment is almost stone-throw away from another Bus 8 stop. It is also conveniently  located within the shopping and tourist area.

TIP: The Restaurant does not take reservations, therefore I suggest being there not later than 15 minutes before they open, which is at 19.00H. We reached the restaurant at 18.47h last Thursday. At that time, there was only 1 guy in line so I thought: shoots! I was told to be here early so I told my colleagues that we should. I was about to get embarrassed for making my colleagues and their spouse stand outside, in the cold, when people started falling in line. After 5 minutes of waiting, we were all engaged in interesting conversations, my colleague told us: oh my! look at the line! When we turned around, we saw that there was a long line already.


As mentioned, for starters, we were served with a wallnut salad which I find nice – light, refreshing and delicious. After the salad was the main

event: The steak and fries are fantastic with a gracious serving size. At first, I thought: ummm, the serving is a bit small for its price. After cleaning out our plates, the waitress came to our table and served our second serving. Now that’s a lot! The steak sauce is worth the buzz. It is indeed one of the best steak sauce I’ve ever had. We also had a nice wine (too bad I didn’t get what it was).

After we were done with our steak and fries, we ordered desserts. I had their creme brulee, some had the profiterole and some had sorbet. The profiterole was highly suggested and my friends loved it. But for me, I really enjoyed their creme brulee. The serving is too big though!

TIP: Share desserts! after all that steak and fries, you’ll find it surprising that their desserts have huge portions – maybe it’s meant for sharing… I don’t know.


I like the character of the restaurant – very… Parisian. However, the Restaurant gets packed in minutes so forget about quiet, relaxing and intimate setting. The tables too are too close to each other that I was almost elbow to elbow with our neighbour table.  We were a group of 7 and it was difficult to have a group conversation with all the noise. Having said all these, I still don’t count these as negative traits of the restaurants – sure, these factors don’t give them the 5/5 star for ambiance but it’s not any lower than 3/5 stars for me either.


I, unfortunately didn’t see the bill but we paid CHF 62.00 per person (including tip). It is expensive for a casual dinner out. However, considering the food we had – salad, steak, fries, wine and dessert – for me, it is still a value for the money. In fact, the Restaurant may even be a little cheaper than Cafe de Paris.


I’ve seen a lot of comments on the Restaurant that the servers are not really friendly. Here’s the thing: it’s a very busy place! The service is ok: it is not impressively fast, but considering the number of people coming in and going out, I find the service pretty ok. The servers can understand a little English so for non-French speakers, this is pretty convenient. Don’t get offended too if they seem to be in a rush to get you off your table after eating – as I said, it is a very busy place; not  really meant for “hanging out”.

Overall Rating

Our “yet to be named eating club”, as a group, rated Les Relais de l’Entrecote with 4.2 out of 5, with 5 being the highest. Not bad for our first dinner! Individually, my overall rating of the Restaurant is 3.9.

My recommendations in yes or no:

  1. If you have a visitor for one night, should you bring him/her to this restaurant? No.
  2. If you have a visitor staying in Geneva for 5 days and up, should you bring him/her to this restaurant? Yes.
  3. Should you have your first date in this restaurant? No.
  4. Should you celebrate your anniversary, birthday, or whatever special occasion  in this restaurant? Yes.
  5. Should you bring your kids to this restaurant? (kid, meaning 10 years old and below) No.
  6. Will I recommend this to expats in Geneva? YES!
  7. Will I come back to this restaurant? Yes.

I hope you find this article useful or at least interesting. That’s all for now.


xx ~I.

Click here to check out Le Relais de l’Entrecote’s website for further information.


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