Weekend Recap

It was a slow yet a fruitful weekend for me.

Saturday morning, I woke up at record-breaking 11ish. I normally like to wake up early, even on a Saturday, but since I only got home at around 3.00 that morning, I decided to just sleep it in the whole morning. I had brunch – sausage, egg and fried rice – before heading out to the supermarket at around 1.00 pm. Yes, not only I woke up late but I was moving extremely slow that day (nothing related to my partying that night because I didn’t really do any serious drinking). After going to the supermarket, I thought of going to Ikea to finally buy a book shelf. I also thought of going to the town center to buy some clothes for my Nice trip. But then again, I didn’t feel like shopping or buying anything that day. I just wanted to read my Clash of the Kings book and write. I ended up biking at the park and reading under the sun, while munching a cheeseburger and fries, until around 5.30 pm. It’s nice to feel the sun again!

When I got home that afternoon, I started craving for a Java Chip frapuccino so I dashed out of my apartment and went to Starbucks. The cool thing about my apartment is that I am just a stone-throw away from the tram station and I am only 3 short stops from the Gare Cornavin, yet my area is still very “residential”. The nearest Starbucks from my place is the one at the Gare Cornavin. At the Starbucks, I saw my friends Charmi and Christine so we had a little chat.

In the evening, I was still quite full from the cheeseburger and fries snack I had at the park so for dinner, I only had my favorite mozzarella and tomatoes with olive oil. I had my dinner while watching American Idol. I will say it again: Jessica is a great singer but Colton and Phil are artists – I still think at this point that they are doing doing the finale. Colton had my attention that on that episode – I didn’t know he’s a Christian. As a Christian, I am proud that he chose to sing a worship song that night and declare that God is his everything. Brave thing to do in a competition where being “cool” is supposedly the wisest thing to do – Jimmy dissed him out for being emotional. Well, Jimmy, praising God from your heart tends to give you an overwhelming emotions – you should try it sometime.

Sunday morning, I went to my church in France with Christine. I was so blessed by the message that morning. The topic was still on Hebrews and we had a guest pastor. My church in France is just 5-10 minutes away from Geneva but one thing that makes it difficult on weekends is the bus schedule – bus only arrives every after 30 minutes. That noon, we missed the bus by a minute so Christine and I prayed that a Filipino with a car will pass by and give us a ride back to Geneva – God is faithful, he did give us a ride! 🙂

It was almost 1 pm when I got back in Geneva and I was feeling lazy to cook lunch so I went to my favorite Italian restaurant in Geneva, which is just a block away from my apartment. Again, it was a lovely day so I ate outside and took out my book to read. I ordered for a spaghetti carbonara but the waiter brought me a spaghetti bolognese instead. Well, I don’t really mind because their bolognese is my one of my classic favorites so I didn’t complain.  When I got to my apartment, I had facetime with my family in the Philippines – my sister told me that our baby Doodle has been a very bad boy lately. I miss our dogs!

After our little chat, I started writing my John Carter entry for mashed-up lines. It took me almost 4 hours to write it  – this only means that I need to write more because I’m getting rusty! By 9 pm, I started preparing my stuff for work. At 10 pm, it was my long awaited Gossip Girl + The Vampire Diaries night ( I always watch my GG & TVD recordings on a Sunday night). I don’t like the Blair & Dan thing but I think Serena should be with Nathan. As for TVD, don’t get me started… I’m so in love with Stefan right now! And I love that they are showing Klaus’ “humanity” side at the moment.

So that’s how my weekend went by. I am pretty pleased with it actually. Next week’s going to be a long weekend but I also have a long to-do-list.


xx ~I.



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