Brittany, France Part 1: Vannes, Carnac, and Quiberon

On September 13 – 16, my friend and flew to Brittany, France to attend our very good friend’s wedding. Brittany is located at the North-West of France (nope, it’s not in UK!). Brittany is known for its crepes (yes, crepes originated in Brittany), sea food, megaliths, and Merlin (Brittany is said to be the home of the Arthurian legend). Our friend’s wedding was in Vannes, so we got a hotel in Vannes.

When travelling around Brittany, my best recommendation is to rent a car. For me, the best part of trip was driving around, pulling over some random wild beach, or stopping over a port area to have oysters. I don’t know how flexible one can be without a car, to be honest.

Vannes, France

Vannes is lovely town on the Gulf of Morbihan. Unfortunately, we didn’t really get to see much of Vannes since we only had half a day to walk around the Old Town and the Port Area. The thing I enjoyed the most in Vannes was its Old Town. There’s something unique about this French medieval town that I can’t put my finger on. Another must see (which is impossible to miss) are the medieval city wall and a chateau with their huge garden of flowers around them.

I also enjoyed the little indoor market in Vannes where you can find fresh sea food, fruits, vegetables, cooked intercontinental meals, patisseries, and of course crepes! Best of all, they are open on Sundays. If you can’t find any café open on a Sunday, try the one in the indoor market and try the caramel macchiato.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering about the wedding, it was awesome and the reception was held in a beautiful chateau.

Carnac, France

Carnac is just about 15 – 20 minute drive from Vannes. Carnac is famous for its stones in the Menec alignment. These stones were said to be put up during the Neolithic period and apparently no one knows what they were for. These stones are aligned perfectly and they’re pretty big too. They go on for like 5 kilometers or something like that. My favorite tale about these stones that I’ve heard of is that they were soldiers that were part of the Roman Empire. They tried to invade Camelot (I told you, the Arthurian legend is very big in this area) and Merlin turned them into stones.

Also in Carnac are nice beaches. While driving, we came across an entrance to a beach and it was really a nice surprise for us. The water was too cold to swim into so we just decided to walk by the shore and get a little bit of a sun. It was a pretty amazing experience for me since it was literally my first time to feel the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. 


Quiberon, France

From Carnac, we drove another 30 minutes to Quiberon. It is one of the cities/towns that are literally on the sea side of France. We didn’t go around the city as our intention of going there was to find a nice oyster place for dinner. We drove towards the very end of Quiberon and stopped over to take some photos of a very picturesque area, which I later on learned as the Cote Sauvage. Later on, we drove back to the old port, bought canned sardines from a local producer, and looked around for a nice place to have dinner.   Originally, we wanted to have dinner at the La Capitainerie, which is #1 in Tripadvisor but apparently, it’s a really popular restaurant that you need to book in advance to get a table. We asked the locals for recommendations and most of them recommended the Quai Ouest. We loved every bit of food we had in that restaurant! After dinner, we head back to Vannes for a good night sleep.

Coming up: Brittany, France Part 2: Josselin and Rochefort-en-Terre


~ I.

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