La Primavera : My Go-To Restaurant for My Lasagna Cravings

La Primavera is by far my favorite Italian Restaurant in Geneva. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a perfect restaurant – I’ve experienced bad service here but nothing that’ll stop me from coming back. Okay, I admit, this restaurant is just about 2 blocks from my apartment so convenience has a lot to do with it being my favorite Italian restaurant. Whenever I’m too lazy to cook or wash the dishes, I go to this restaurant. What I also love about this restaurant is their lasagna! I love their lasagna. I have been to several Italian restaurants in Geneva but I still find their lasagna the best (although I think their best sellers are their pizzas).

Location and Accessibility

This restaurant is located at Route de Meyrin 8, Geneva 1202. To get to this restaurant through public transformation, you can take the Tram 14 or Bus 3 and get off at the tram stop Servette (3rd stop if taking tram from the Gare Cornavin/Train Station). Walk further up a block along the tram line, passing by Domino’s pizza.

There are 2 things I like about this restaurant’s location: 1) As mentioned, it is close to my apartment; 2) It is not a touristy place at all

Lasagna from La Primavera


Their food is pretty good. As I said, for me, they have the best lasagna in town and I always see a long queue of people ordering pizza for take-away on weekends. My favorites in La Primavera are the lasagna, carbonara, and Bolognese. For their pizza, I love the quatre fromage. They have a variety of salads, steaks, and sea food as well. But for the pasta and pizzas, I always find them good for 2 persons!


Well, if you’re looking for a restaurant with a good ambiance, this is not your place. As mentioned it not in a tourist area, therefore it has more of the “local pizzeria” vibe. It’s nice in the summer when you can have your meal at the terrace. Otherwise, during winter, it can get pretty crammed inside.


The prices here are pretty good for Geneva’s usual restaurant prices. A pasta or a pizza that can be good for 2 persons costs between 17 – 20 swiss francs. This is also one of the reasons why I like this restaurant. A spaghetti carbonara is something like CHF 18.00 – usually, I eat half of its portion at the restaurant and take the rest home for packed lunch.


The thing with this restaurant is that they don’t have consistency in their service. Twice, they got my order wrong (well, at the 2 instances when they got my order wrong, it was with the same waiter so it might be a person-thing rather than a restaurant-thing). At times, it will take them forever to take your order. But most of the time, they’re okay.

By the way, almost none of the waiters speak English at all so it might be a little challenging if none of you in the group can understand a little French or Italian.

Overall Rating

I’d give this restaurant a 4/5 despite of their lack of consistency in their services – for me, their location and food make up for it. This restaurant has become my go-to restaurant if all else fails therefore I must admit, I’m pretty biased here. For me, this is nice little place with good food and convenient location away from the touristy area of Geneva.

My quick recommendations in yes or no:

  1. If you have a visitor for one night, should you bring him/her to this restaurant? No.
  2. If you have a visitor staying in Geneva for 5 days and up, should you bring him/her to this restaurant? Yes.
  3. Should you have your first date in this restaurant? Yes.
  4. Should you celebrate your anniversary, birthday, or whatever special occasion  in this restaurant? Yes.
  5. Should you bring your kids to this restaurant? (kid, meaning 10 years old and below) Yes.
  6. Will I recommend this to expats in Geneva? Yes.
  7. Will I come back to this restaurant? Yes.

That’s it for now.



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