CARNIVOR DU CENTRE: For the Weekend Dinner

Entrecote Beurre Carnivor at CHF 37.00

Carnivor du Centre
rue Neuve-du-Molard 11
Geneva 1204

I had dinner with a friend last Saturday and up to the last minute, we weren’t sure where we were going. We agreed on one thing though – we wanted to have steak that night. The famous entrecôte places were not an option for some reasons but we recalled that there’s this steak place that we would always pass by in Mollard. That’s how we ended up at Carnivor du Centre for dinner.

Location (4.5/5)

Carnivor du Centre is located at rue Neuve-du-Molard 11. I always refer to that area as the shopping area. Getting there from Gare Cornavin is easy – Bus 8 (bus stop: Metropole) or Bus 3, 5, and tram 14 (get off at Bel-Air and walk or hop into Tram 12 heading towards Moillesulaz and get off at Molard). This is a perfect place for a Saturday night dinner with friends because it is close to the Old Town where you can have a nice walk (on not-so-chilly nights) or a nice drink after dinner.

Food (3.5/5)

I had their entrecôte with their house butter (entrecôte beurre carnivor). The dish goes with a salad (mix greens with French dressing, slices of parmigiano, and some nuts – I think they were almonds) and fries and veggies as sides.

The salad was okay – I would’ve preferred a balsamic vinaigrette as a dressing though. The fries were really good (properly salted and fried just the way I like them). The thing was, the portion of the fries and veggies were too small – especially the veggies. The veggies didn’t seem like a side dish, but more like a misplaced cut carrots and 3 slices of zuccinies. I could’ve traded my veggies for an extra portion of fries actually.

The entrecôte was of good portion and cooked in a perfect “medium” (I hate it when you ask for medium and they give your steak bleeding all over the plate). It was very tender and well seasoned too. The house butter was interesting – I’m guessing it had a generous amount of pepper and some basil and thyme (I can be wrong though) but it has a little kick of spice. I actually like it, too bad they only put a small portion of it on top of the entrecôte. So, the house butter, just like the side dishes, weren’t enough to fully enjoy the dish.

Ambiance (4/5)

The tables are quite small and quite close to the other tables BUT way better than the other famous entrecôte places in Geneva such as the Cafe de Paris or Relais. The restaurant was packed but it wasn’t noisy at all. Our table was at the extension area so I could barely see the actual restaurant – it looked pretty cozy though.

Price (3.5/5)

The entrecôte with their house butter was CHF 37.00 and a glass of their vins ouverts (I think for the red wine, they had gamay de Geneve that night which was actually good) was something like CHf 3.60. For a restaurant in that part of Geneva, I say it’s quite reasonable. If only they served a more generous portion of the butter and fries (as I said, I don’t care about the veggies), I would’ve given it a 4/5.

Service (3.5/5)

I was satisfied with their service. The servers were friendly and our food were served pretty quick. My only comment though was towards the end of our meal, it took a long time for them to give us the dessert menu and take our dessert order. Thus, my friend and I decided to just ask for the bill and go somewhere else for dessert and a coffee.

Overall (3.8/5)

Overall, despite my comments on the food portions, I’d say it was still a good discovery for me. As I said, the restaurant is strategically located close to the Old Town. So, for Saturday nights, this restaurant is perfect for a proper dinner before hitting the bars (for me, this is a good restaurant to take your date before hitting a bar at the old town or catching a last full show at the Rialto). This is also a nice place to grab lunch before or after shopping (as I said this is within the shopping area). However, if you are looking for a an entrecôte meal that is to-die-for, I’ll take you to another restaurant.

Regarding reservations, my friend and I didn’t have one but we managed to get a table. Perhaps, for a bigger group, having a reservation is ideal on a Saturday night considering the place was pretty packed at around 20.30ish.

For more information on Carnivor du Centre, you can visit them at their website at

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