Thank You!

TripAdvisor's Top 18% Most-Read Reviews of All Time

I recently received a message from TripAdvisor that I’m among their top 18% most-read reviewers of all time! Wow, thank you!

When I decided to start a blog about Geneva and travelling Europe, I didn’t think it would become more of a travel review blog. To be honest, I just wanted to document my trips in case I come back to the same place again or if a friend asks for recommendations. However, after travelling for a while, I realized how good, honest reviews in TripAdvisor really helped me maximized the things I should enjoy when travelling – good restaurants, excellent hotels, places to see, etc. Though I’ve seen really helpful reviews on travel blogs or sites, I sometimes find a couple of details that are missing (details that may not necessarily be important to others but necessary to me). Thus, I started writing my blog in a review format.

I have to admit, I’m not really good in updating this blog regularly… working in the field of security for a humanitarian organization is not exactly a walk-in-the-park. Nevertheless, I really appreciate the messages I’ve been receiving from the readers. So once again, thank you!

Have a great Easter weekend everyone! I’ll be celebrating Easter in my top-most favorite city in Europe and I’ll tell you about it soon!





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