Hotel Review: ATHENIAN CALLIRHOE HOTEL, Athens, Greece


Kallirrois 32, Athens 11743, Greece


Rate: 3.6/5


Location/Accessibility (4.5/5)

The Athenian Callirhoe Hotel has the perfect location especially if you’re only stopping in Athens for a night. It is about 500 km or approximately a 10-minute walk to the Acropolis Museum, where you can find an entrance to the south slope of the Acropolis or where the Theatre of Dionysos is. It is approximately 35 – 36 km from the airport. I took a cab from the airport and it took me 35 to 45 minutes to reach the hotel. I think my actual cab fare was 28 euros and I added a 2-euro tip, this already included the toll fee.

Rooms and Facilities (3.5/5)

A welcome drink and view of the Acropolis
A welcome drink and view of the Acropolis

I find the room smaller than I expected it to be, especially for its price – although the room I stayed at has a small balcony (I’m not sure if all their rooms have small balconies).  They have a tiny elevator that might be quite challenging if you have big luggage. One big comment on the room though was the carpet, which seems to be too old and worn out.

The two hotel facilities that I like the most are their restaurant and free access to sauna and gym. The hotel’s restaurant gives you a view of the Acropolis and the view is particularly beautiful in the evening. The Callirhoe VIP Roof Garden Restaurant also offers good menu – the non-pasta dishes are quite pricey though. As for the sauna, after doing long walks the whole day, I always like to go to a sauna to relax my muscles. So, for me, this is a big brownie point for the hotel.

Staff and Services (3.5)

The staff are friendly, especially the staff at the restaurant. Although at check-in, no one will help you to carry your luggage up – a service quite usual to most of the 4-star hotels I’ve been too. I’m bit disappointed that this hotel did not have flexibility on early breakfast or offered simple cookies and coffee for those who are checking out very early. I checked out at around 05h30 to catch my 08h25 flight. I didn’t mind at first but my other overnight in Athens in a 3-star hotel has a service that offers round the clock cookies, coffee and tea for those who are checking out before the breakfast buffet opens. Now, call me crazy but if a 3-star hotel can provide this simple service, why can’t a 4-star hotel do it?

Security (3.5/5)

A usual comment to almost all of the hotels I’ve stayed in: when checking in, it is a common safety and security procedure not to announce the room number especially when there are other people around and most especially for female single travelers. As a security professional, I have to emphasize this in all my reviews as hotel management should be reminded of this very basic security procedure.

As mentioned earlier, the hotel has an excellent location, not just for tourism but on the security aspect as well. The streets around it are well-lit and always have people. Basically, I find the neighborhood safe. The reception is open 24/7.

Price (3/5)

I paid for USD 158.19 for an overnight in this hotel and it’s almost the same rate as the 4-star hotel I stayed at in Nice, France. Unfortunately, the quality of the room and service is not even close. With that, I would say I’m not impressed.


Based on its location, room and facilities, staff and services, security, and price, I rate this hotel at 3.6/5. I have to admit, I wanted to give this hotel a lower rate on its 4-star price but perhaps a borderline 3-4 star facilities and services. However, this hotel can be a good recommendation for solo female traveler because of its location… if money is not an issue. If Athens is just an overnight stop over, you’ll be travelling on other islands, and you a certain budget, I wouldn’t recommend splurging on this hotel.

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