The Sunrise in Santorini

Santorini is known for its sunset – yes, it’s majestic! My favorite comment on the sunset in Santorini was from a very nice taxi driver. He said he’s been living in Santorini for more than 50 years and he doesn’t get tired of watching the sunset because they’re different everyday. Perhaps. Although I’ve only watched the sunset in Santorini twice, they both gave me different feelings and thoughts. Having said that, my favorite moments in Santorini were surprisingly not the sunsets but rather the sunrise.

When I told my friends I’m travelling to Greece for 2 weeks by myself, one of my friends was immediately in protest on the fact that I am travelling alone. He asked me why I would do that. I explained to him that I travel once a year, by myself, to do some… soul searching (jokingly). I do travel once a year by myself to rest from everything – work, studies, responsibilities, the internet, and yes, even friends. But not soul searching… I didn’t even know what soul searching is until Santorini.

On top of a big hill between Imerovigli and Oia is a small church. At the corner of the church is a set of steep stairs where you can watch the sunrise.
On top of a big hill between Imerovigli and Oia is a small church. At the corner of the church is a set of steep stairs where you can watch the sunrise.

My first morning in Santorini, I decided to wake up very early to do a morning run. I was staying at Rocabella Deluxe Suites & Spa in Imerovigli. I started running towards Oia. In less than 2 kilometers from Imerovigli, there’s a big hill with a church on top of it. So my goal was to get there. It was surprisingly cold in the early mornings in Santorini especially if the sun has just started to rise. At 6:45ish in the morning, I was on top of the hill, doing some stretching and I realized that I’m probably the only person awake in Santorini at that time. I turned on my music (yes, I brought my trusty mini portable speaker with me) and started doing yoga. Then, the sun became visible and I stopped doing yoga and just sat at the corner of the church and watched how its light started spreading at the ocean first then then to the lands. Maybe it’s just me but I thought the sun rose quicker than the usual sunrise… or maybe because I never really watched the sun rise before. I waited until the warmth of the sun touched my face. On that short moment while I waited for the sun’s light to reach me, thoughts about my life and faith came rushing in my mind. After the silence, I blasted U2’s Beautiful Day on my speaker and just started singing and dancing… at that moment, I was reminded how beautiful life is and blessed I am despite of a lot of challenges. This became my morning ritual in Santorini.

The sunrise didn’t give me answers, it reminded me of the things that matter to me and it raised questions that I’ve never asked before.  The sunrise in Santorini taught me how to do soul-searching.

Morning in Santorini
The small picturesque church on a hill between Imerovigli and Oia that gives you the view of both sunrise and the sunset.


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