12 Months, 12 Destinations: The 2015 travel year challenge is on!

At the beginning of this year, a close friend of mine dropped the bomb that she’s moving out of Geneva and assuming a position in Asia… in 2 weeks. As usual, when someone leaves, we always feel like we didn’t really take advantages of the fact that we are living in a strategic part of Europe where travelling around Europe is so easy and if planned properly, can be relatively cheap. With this, I decided to challenge myself to travel outside Geneva for a minimum of 2 days at least once a month. With so many places to choose, here’s my destination wish list for 2015:

Switzerland: Basel, Gstaad (for the husky sledding)

Italy: Sardinia, Sicily, Chianti or anywhere in Tuscany, Rome (maybe, after 4 ½ yrs in Europe, I’ll manage to convince myself to see Rome)

France: Corsica, Strasbourg, Lyon (already did for Feb!)

Germany: Berlin

Spain: Seville, Alicante, Barcelona (required! I miss it so bad)

Netherlands: Amsterdam

Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Albufeira

Finland: Helsinki

Austria: Vienna (again), Salzburg

Outside Europe: California, Istanbul, Marrakesh, Petra

Let’s do this!

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