Yoga in Geneva

One of the most common questions from friends and colleagues who recently move to Geneva is: “Where is a good, English, yoga studio in Geneva”? I always have one answer – Innercity Yoga.

I have never practiced yoga until almost 4 years ago when I went on holidays in Paros Island in Greece and joined a yoga retreat. I started liking yoga after that but the next challenge for me was to look for a yoga studio that will really improve my practice and help me understand the proper way of coming into poses in a more natural way. In short, I didn’t want to just follow what the teacher is doing – there are DVDs and Apps for that.

When a friend was new in Geneva and asked for yoga studio recommendations, I took her to Innercity. She loved the class. However, she wanted to explore other studios to compare. She’s been practicing yoga longer than I am. I told her I’ve been there and done that whole yoga studio hunt and Innercity is still the best. At the end of the day, she told me I was right about it.

Innercity is not that cheap but I get to grow in my practice because a lot of the teachers there help in how to work on the asanas properly and with our own pace, even if it means doing micro adjustments. When I went to a yoga class in the Philippines last holiday, the yoga teacher commented on how I have really good alignment. Sure, I still can’t do handstands or I’m not comfortable with my headstand without the safety net of a wall but I generally have a good consciousness on alignments – a discipline I learned from Innercity.

So, if you are looking an excellent English-speaking yoga studio, I highly recommend Innercity yoga. They have a trial package of 3 sessions. My favorite classes are the Hatha Flow yoga on Thursdays at 6:30 pm (for non beginners), the Friday night Yin-Yang yoga at 6:15 pm to perfectly end the work week, and whenever I can, I like going to the 9:15 am Saturday class. Innercity yoga is at rue de Rive 3.

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