The Geneva Street Food Festival: My Top 5 Favourites

Last weekend was the Geneva Street Food Festival. I don’t know where have I been in the last 8 years that it was actually my first time to come to this fun event. Sure, this is probably the most expensive street food festival in the planet – Aaron and mine’s bill at the end of our 2-day visit was at least USD 250 in total – but I absolutely loved the experience. This event also showcased the growing diversity in culinary arts in Geneva.

There were more than 60 food trucks and food stands that participated in the event. We got to try 14 of them and these were my top 5 favourites:

5. Takoyaki by Takoyaki Go


Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanse dumpling with octopus filling.

Growing up in the Philippines, I don’t recall Takoyaki being a big thing as it is today. So, when this street food trend emerged in the recent years, I wasn’t exactly sure what they are. I think I’ve only tried it once a few years ago and was not impressed. So, I gave it another chance and I’m glad I did. Even Aaron, who was a bit unsure at the beginning, liked it so much that he stole my share.

4. Tacos by The Mexicana Tacos


I’ve had a hard time finding good tacos places in Geneva for the past 8 years but I think there are few places emerging now that offer satisfying tacos. There were 2 taco stands in the Street Food Festival. While I like Deli Mex’s rolled and toasted tacos, I like my tacos simple with the meat doing the talk, not the add-ons. With this, I really enjoyed the tacos from The Mexicana.

3. Smoked Salmon by Flammlachs


Smoked on the spot, I loved the combination of the smokey flavour and freshness of their salmon. I think it’s one of the unique food stands at the festival. I mean, come on! Look at the colour of that salmon. It’s a #nofilter photo but it is as if you can even smell it. It’s that good.

2. Thai Sausage by Soi


I confess I am obsessed with Soi’s sausage! I didn’t know of the existence of this amazing Thai sausage until my Thai friend took me to Soi earlier this year. My friend told me that Soi makes them from scratch. So, I introduced this sausage to Aaron at the Geneva Street Food Festival and he loved it so much that we had dinner at their restaurant last night.

1. Pork Barbecue by Sagana and Ribs by Funky BBQ

On the left is Funky BBQ’s ribs and on the right is pork barbecue, pancit (stir-fried glass noodles) and lumpia (fried spring rolls). 

We couldn’t choose between the two so, why not a tie?

Funky BBQ is one of my absolute favourite food trucks in Geneva. I love pork ribs so, I always look for their truck at festivals in Geneva. Funky BBQ has never disappointed me.

A surprise winner for me was Sagana’s Filipino-style pork barbecue. Sagana was one of the first “unfamiliar” stands that caught our attention at the festival because of the relatively long queue. Their queue was longer than Funky BBQ at the time we were there! When we checked it out, I was surprised to see it’s a Filipino food stand. I was happy to see the promotion of Filipino food in Geneva and also realizing that Aaron never had Filipino-style bbq yet, I got their meal with pork bbq.

I forgot what Filipino-style pork bbq tastes like so, it was such a treat for me. What was more interesting for me was that my Canadian/American husband, who is more obsessed with barbecues than me, told me that he prefers Sagana’s bbq than Funky BBQ’s ribs. He liked the ribs but described it as average.

The following day, when we came back to the festival for lunch with friends, Aaron asked me to get more barbecues from Sagana. I got 10 pieces of barbecues and shared it with our friends as well. My friends (including some picky eaters) and Aaron immediately devoured the bbq and agreed that it was the best bbq in the festival.

I will call it a cultural switch. Funky BBQ was my ultimate favourite followed very closely by Sagana’s Filipino-style pork barbecue. Aaron and my friends think it’s the other way around.

Looking forward to more of these types of food festival in Geneva!

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