Easy Brunch Idea: Fried Eggs and Ricotta Open-Faced Sandwich

Sunday brunch is always a good idea. In Geneva, while there are many nice brunch places that have emerged in the last couple of years, we often still prefer having Sunday brunch at home.

This fried eggs and ricotta open-faced sandwich is one of my go-to recipes for brunches – it’s easy to make, yummy, and a break from your usual avocado toast or poached eggs.

Technically, you can put this all together in 5 minutes. However, I’ll show here how adding few steps can level up your already-yummy open-faced sandwich to an excellent flavorful one.


    Your favorite bread (we used whole wheat bread here)
    Ricotta cheese (we used 150g for 2 sets of sandwiches)
    1/5 cup freshly grated Parmigiano
    Arugula or rocket salad
    1/4 lemon
    Olive oil
    1 clove of garlic
    Fried Eggs (1,2… as you prefer)
    Salt and pepper


Grilling the bread

  • Rub the garlic clove on the slices of bread on both sides, if you prefer a nice garlicky toast like I do, or just on one side, if you prefer the a slight hint of garlic only.
  • Drizzle olive oil and a pinch of salt on the slices of bread.
  • Grill the bread in a cast iron skillet and set aside.

Preparing the ricotta spread

Add parmigiano and pepper to the ricotta cheese. I always taste first before adding salt so I’ll have an idea how much salt I need to add. I highly recommend doing the same thing because parmigiano is already salty. Set aside.

Preparing the arugula salad

When I’m lazy, I normally just dump the arugula on my sandwich. It’s already a flavorful salad as it is. But I also like adding more flavor to it. So, when I have time, I toss the arugula in a drizzle of good quality olive oil, some lemon juice, salt, and very small amount pepper.

Assembling the open-faced sandwich

  • Add the ricotta spread on the grilled bread
  • Add the arugula salad
  • Add the fried egg/s
  • We added a pinch of salt and italian herbs to the eggs

Add bacon on the side, as you wish.

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