Our Lake Elementeita Experience

It feels like it’s been a while but come to think of it, it’s only been a little over 2 months since my last post. Since April, I’ve traveled to 3 countries – Kenya, USA, and Turkey – for holiday and mostly work. April feels like a life time ago but here’s to catching up.

We spent our Easter holiday in Naivasha, Kenya. It’s been a very busy first quarter of the year so far so we decided to just chill at home and skip the Mara. Naivasha is one of the places on earth that genuinely gives me proper rest – but that’s probably another post.

For our Easter holiday break, the in-laws gifted us with an overnight stay at the Lake Elementeita Serena Camp. The drive to Serena Camp was only an hour from my husband’s house in Naivasha. At this time, Kenya hadn’t had a rain since November so everything were dry and dusty. But this has not stopped this beautiful country in showing off the best of mother nature.

As we checked in, we were greeted warmly with a nice cold towel and a bottle of champagne. While we were waiting for our welcome briefing, we immediately got to enjoy the view of lake Elementeita and some animals stopping by the camp for shade and water.

One of the things I really enjoyed was we were able to do the game drives ourselves. Normally, it is mandatory to have a guide and be in official safaru vehicles for game drives in most concervancies for safety reasons. In Soysambu Conservancy, self-drive safari is allowed. I wouldn’t recommend this though for those who are not familiar of the area, doesn’t have a proper vehicle, are not experienced off-road drivers, and are not knowledgeable in game drives – nope, doing safari once, twice or even five times doesn’t necessarily make anyone knowledgeable in game drives.

We had a full-board accommodation and the meals we had were lovely. There were some misses but hey, we were in the bush. This is the ultimate glamping.

The pool and the massage were much needed. It was not a heated pool but it was scorching hot that day, so the water’s temperature was perfect. They probably close this though during the cold months.

We started our game drive late in the afternoon. The hotel also packed us a nice gin and tonic with basket of fruits and nibbles for our sundowner.

Despite the heat and the drought, there were surprisingly still a lot of games roaming around. We were hoping that those dark clouds were going to finally bring down the rain. They didn’t though.

We wrapped up our game drive after our sundowner and saw few healthy-looking hyenas on our way back. This is actually the part why knowledge of the area is very important for self-drive safaris. Despite being familiar with the area, we still got a little lost on our way back.

The next morning, I woke up early and decided to do some yoga with some weavers and sunbirds watching me curiosly. I also had to pause several times to watch the animals passing by – from buffalos to the curious tommies.

We checked out early so we could do another game drive before going home.

We were first greeted by this giraffe who camouflaged with the trees. We actually stopped to check the map without realizing that this guy was standing next to us, staring at us.

And of course, the main stars of Lake Elementeita are the famous pink flamingos. There were hundreds of them by the lake side.

It was such nice experience that we will definitely do it again. It’s a different experience from the Mara. It is perfect for short visits and probably a lot cheaper than Mara too.

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