New Look

It's been months since I last wrote something here. I must admit, blogging has been the least of my priorities since last year. Balancing work, studies, traveling and planning my wedding is quite tricky. But tonight, my fiancé and  I were talking about blogs. He mentioned that he hasn't read anything from my blog recently. [...]

The Big 3-0h Turned Out To Be… Well, A Big One Indeed!

Exactly a week ago, I had my 30th birthday. I must say, for someone who is not so much into celebrating birthdays, this year has been pretty much…epic! I’ve always been curious on what I would feel on my 30th birthday. For others, leaving the 20s is a dreadful moment – I guess when you’re [...]

Thank You!

I recently received a message from TripAdvisor that I'm among their top 18% most-read reviewers of all time! Wow, thank you! When I decided to start a blog about Geneva and travelling Europe, I didn't think it would become more of a travel review blog. To be honest, I just wanted to document my trips [...]